Eivind Løvoll

Hi! My name is Eivind Løvoll and I’m 23 years old. Currently I am a Marine technology student in my 4th year with a main profile in Marine cybernetics. In Njord I am mainly responsible for business relations.

Why did you join Njord?

The reason for joining Njord was quite coincidental to be honest. I wasn’t actively searching to get involved in a student organisation, as I felt I had enough things going on. One day I stumbled over this advertisement for Njord and it quickly drew my attention. The ambition of creating an international student competition for autonomous boats hosted in Trondheim had me very much intrigued. A chance to develop an innovative and engaging challenge, as well as being part of an emerging student organisation. I couldn’t let it go.

What is your role in Njord?

In Njord my primary responsibility is developing business relations. This has been an exciting task, and the reception from the industry has been phenomenal. We are supported by some of the world’s leading companies in marine autonomy, something we are very proud of. Besides this, the tasks vary a lot as Njord is working on several fronts. To mention a few, I have been working with developing the webpage, administrating key accounts, and had a hand in some of the technical aspects of the Challenge.

What is it like being a part of Njord?

To be a part of Njord is very fun and exciting. We have a large focus on doing fun things together, and before the pandemic hit we had frequent meetings often followed by a beer at Lyche. Besides Njord being a great community, it is also very educational to be a part of. We get extensive insight into a world-leading cluster in ocean autonomy, and we are also ourselves working at the forefront of development.

Why do you think others should join?

I think that anyone who is looking for a fun, exciting and socially strong community should join Njord. This is a unique opportunity where you will get to shape an emerging student organisation at NTNU, as well as create an engaging international student competition with other passionate students. I’m sure that by joining Njord you will get an experience that will be beneficial in many ways for years to come.