Petter Sundby Indrevoll

Hello! My name is Petter Sundby Indrevoll, and I’m head of logistics at Njord. I’m 22 years old and are currently on my third year studying Marine Technologies.

Why did you join Njord?

I joined Njord after attending  a couple of events where our sponsors presented the challenges and opportunities within maritime autonomy. I found the subject interesting and since I’m studying marine technology with a specialization in maritime cybernetics I couldn’t let the chance of becoming a part of Njord pass me. 

What is your role in Njord?

My task in Njord is being head of the logistics department. We have a responsibility to arrange both smaller events throughout the semester as well as planning the competition which will be held in August.

What is it like being a part of Njord?

I find being a part of Njord to be both challenging and motivating. Since we are a new student organization we can’t lean as much on previous experiences as many other organizations can, which means we have to find out about things ourselves. It’s also really interesting to speak with some of the leading people in the field both from businesses and from NTNU about their work within maritime autonomy.

Why do you think others should join?

Njord is an organization where you have an opportunity to express yourself and your ideas while also learning new things every time we meet. We also have social gatherings such as a cabin trip we were on last semester as well as a christmas table.