Sebastian Stixrud

Hello! My name is Sebastian Stixrud, 23 years old and studying my second year of Digital Business Development at NTNU. I have the pleasure to be the Head of finances and economics here at Njord.

Why did you join Njord?

I joined Njord because I have always been fascinated by technology and especially new and emerging technology. I was presented the opportunity to be a part of Njord and when I heard the concept, I was sold. All though, I did not have any technical skills, but rather skills on the organizational part of the project and there was an open slot for me to take part in on the financial part of Njord.

What is your role in Njord?

My role is to make sure that we as an organization are making wise decisions regarding our spending and investments. I have the full responsibility that money comes and goes as it should, but also make sure that we keep our budget intact. The best part with being the head of finances is that you will get an insight in every part of the organization and contribute in the decision process for how we want to take Njord to the next level.

What is it like being a part of Njord?

Being a part of Njord has been utterly fantastic! We are a team of dedicated people that want Njord to succeed, and being a part of a new and emerging organization really takes the theory we learn at school and apply it to a real world case makes me more prepared for the working life after university.

Why do you think others should join?

Being a part of a student organization like Njord will be a perfect opportunity for students to compliment their theoretical studying and apply it in the real world. You will be a part of a dedicated team that share the same interests as yourself and it will make you grow as a person on both on the professional side and your personal side. My last point is that you don’t necessarily need to have a technical background, we have positions that suit a broad selection of students, so if you just have an general interest in technology and automation you are already qualified.