Graphic designer

Recruitment deadline:

As a graphical designer for Njord you will be responsible for developing the graphical profile and creating new graphical content to be used on the web page, in social media and on flyers, stickers, banners etc. You will also be responsible for keeping the web page updated, and develop this further as well. We do not require any prior knowledge of website or graphical design, but if you have relevant experience it will be an advantage. We are looking for you who are creative, curious and passionate in your work.

There are plenty of reasons to join:

  • The opportunity to help build a student organization from scratch.
  • Experience - You will experience new challenges, plenty of teamwork and project development.
  • Social - We are no stranger to a beer at Lyche or a party at Samfundet. 
  • Freedom - There is great freedom at work, meaning creativity is encouraged and applauded.

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