Welcome to Njord!


The Autonomous Ship Challenge

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Competition Date

The next challenge is set to be between August 14th - 18th. News will be posted here.

Njord is a unique International student competition, where students design systems to control autonomous ships and compete against other student teams.

The competition will be held by and for students, and the goal is to raise awareness around automation, innovation and smart solutions, as well as creating a platform for personal development and networking.

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Why you should join

The competition will be a great possibility for the teams to explore new ideas and concepts connected to software development and the autonomous shipping industry. The problems you will meet in the competition is created together with the world leading autonomy cluster situated in Trondheim.

Participants in Njord will meet problems that provides them with the possibility to get hands on experience on state-of-the-art methods used within autonomy at sea. We believe our participants will find participating to be great stepping stone for them towards becoming among the best in their fields.


Why Norway?

In Norway we believe we are in a unique position to push the boundaries of autonomous shipping, further marking ourselves as a world leading maritime country.

Why Trondheim?

Trondheimsfjorden is currently the world’s first technological playground for autonomous vessels, both traveling above, on and under the water surface.