The Autonomous Ship Challenge 2023

From the 15th to the 17th August of 2023, the Njord -The Autonomous Ship Challenge of 2023 took place in Nyhavna, Trondheim.
We are happy to have hosted the first ever physical Njord Challenge with 7 participating teams from 3 continents. It was clear that the teams have invested many hours in solving the challenge. Despite the unforeseen challenges of this year's competition, we saw that the teams worked hard to solve them. One of the challenges many of the teams faced was the varied weather in Norway, which led to a lot of frustration and thinking. But with good spirit all the teams overcame their problems and showed what their ASV can do during the competition days.
It is with pleasure that we can announce that the winner of the Njord Challenge 2023 is the Turkish team İTÜ Autobee. Congratulations on the win, we are very impressed. Técnico Solar Boat from Portugal took second place in the competition and the third place went to the Indian team Aritra IITM.
In addition to the general classification, we had a few other categories that were judged! The "Best Ship Design" award went to Técnico Solar Boat, the "Team Spirit Award" was won by Strathclyde Marine Robotics Society from Scotland and finally the "Sustainability Award" was won by team Aritra IITM.

We would like to thank all the 7 participating teams in the Njord Challenge 2023. Without you guys, the competition would not have been the success it was.

We would also like to thank all mentors, jury and sponsors who have made it possible to host the competitionWe have learned and look forward to next year's competition: Njord Challenge 2024.

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